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Earth Day Rituals: For Connection and Accountability

In honor of Earth Day, I'd like to suggest some simple and mindful ways to embrace and protect our Mother Earth.

Rituals for Connection

1. Regardless of the weather, walk barefoot on the earth. Feel the ground beneath your feet, whatever it may be; dirt, grass, sand, rock. Pay attention to the way it feels and give thanks for all that it provides.

2. Take yourself on a nature walk. Listen to the birds, notice the scents from the blooming flowers and the sounds of the trees as they sway in the breeze. Immerse yourself fully and completely.

3. Lay back and watch the sky. Wake up early and watch colors explode across the horizon as the sun rises. Stay and watch the passing of the clouds. At sunset, do the same. Remain past dusk to notice the twinkling and shooting stars.

4. Find yourself a body of water; a calm lake, a bubbling brook, a rushing waterfall. If possible, swim. Watch the water's movements and be inspired by its ever changing surface.

5. Lay out in the sun. If possible do this on a warming rock. Feel the sun beaming down upon you as you rest, the warmth on your skin. Remember, you are held and you are safe.

Rituals for Accountability

1. Shop at Farmers Markets. Support local farmers and enjoy vegetation created from your nearby land. Get to know these farmers and their practices. Learn about and support Regenerative Farming Techniques.

2. Commit to the elimination of single use plastics. Carry your own bamboo or metal straws. Always carry a spare tote with you in your bag. Be vigilant in eliminating demand for such waste.

3. Embrace Sustainable Fashion. Shop mindfully and within reason; buy vintage or secondhand, preferably. When buying new, ensure the clothes are made from natural fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, silk, cashmere, wool, or linen.

4. Become a conscious shopper. Support the businesses who prioritize their environmental impact. Are they offsetting carbon emissions, utilizing sustainable and biodegradable shipping materials, do they have partnerships with initiatives that give back to the planet? Be aware of the companies that "greenwash" or use deceptive marketing techniques.

5. Educate yourself. Be curious and inquisitive. Watch documentaries, read books, and listen to podcasts. Apply your newfound knowledge and let that take you as far as feels right in your personal quest for environmental advocacy. Ignorance is not bliss, and we are capable of so much more.

Return to RITUAL OASIS in the following weeks as I explore these and many more rituals regarding sustainability and mindfulness.

For now, focus on connecting to this beautiful planet in whatever way you can and embrace the ways in which we can sustainably preserve it for many Earth Days to come.

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