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A Self-Love Holiday Gift Guide

“This holiday season, fall in love with taking care of yourself.”

It’s early December and the holiday season is well on its way. Fireplaces are crackling, homes are decorated, and for some of us snow has even begun to fall, blanketing our neighborhoods in luminous shades of pearly white.

With the biggest shopping weekend of the year behind us, it might seem odd to release a gift guide now, however, this guide is not meant for your loved ones or friends, but it is, in fact, for yourself. Don’t get me wrong. The Holiday Season is an idyllic time to shower those we love with gratitude. However, are we not also one of those we love most?

To best care for others, we first need to fill our own cup and no one quite knows our needs better than ourselves. So, cozy up with a warm beverage and find inspiration from all of these tantalizing ways to self-love and thank yourself for another year of growth and perseverance.

Without further ado, I present to you the

Ritual Oasis Self Love Holiday Gift Guide.

25 ways to stay dedicated to self-growth, self-care, and embody self-love.

Digital Gifts: As Sustainable as they are Motivational

1. Meditation App: Calm $69.99

(Currently 50% off)

This Holiday Season, gift yourself endless moments of tranquility via the Calm App. Originally priced at $69.99 they are offering a sale for new subscribers at 50% off. Featuring guided meditations, sleep stories, nature soundscapes, focus music, and mindful movement, this is by far my favorite wellness app.

2. The Mindful Month by Self Practice. (30 Day Calendar) $32

Designed to put you back in touch with yourself, The Mindful Month is a digital pre-planned calendar filled with exercises aimed at habit building, dedicating time to yourself and your needs, and creating a sense of clarity and calm in your busy schedule. The five key areas of this practice include mindfulness, creativity, self care, journal prompts, and sensory exploration. Personally, I can’t see a better way of starting off the new year.

3. The Intuitive Body- A Dancer’s Guide to Wellness. Ebook by Ashleigh Wilson $5.99

For those of you who are looking to better connect with your physical temple, look no further than the 12 wellness practices of The Intuitive Body, developed by a professional dancer and holistic movement specialist. Ashleigh’s book is meant to empower and guide you in developing movement intuition and finding what your body needs to thrive.

4. Nina Karnikowski’s Writing Courses. $30

If you’re looking for ways to explore your artistry, specifically in the realm of the written word, I suggest taking an e-course with Nina Karnikowski. Author, travel writer, and sustainability advocate, she has recently developed three 7-day courses aimed to help you connect with yourself and unlock creativity. The classes are: Writing as Ritual, Writing For Creativity, and Writing For Earth. It is the perfect gift for those seeking to embrace both themselves and their creative side.

5 & 6. Om & the City’s Simplify and Thrive Course $222-$255 or Digital Decluttering Toolkit $44

Looking for the gift of clarity and productivity this holiday season? Invest in yourself via the Simplify and Thrive Course. Created this past year by Jules Acree, the queen of simplification, her course is described as “a self-guided intentional lifestyle course to create more time, energy, and space for what matters most.” Utilizing the coveted Notion platform, the course boasts an all-in-one customizable workspace alongside modules, video lessons, and exercises & prompts, with a plethora of resources and templates all meant to help you take control of your life. Additionally, a percentage of your purchase is donated to organizations such as Asian Mental Health Collective, WE ACT, and Cultural Survival. I greatly admire Jules and have been following her for years. Her work is so inspiring! She also offers a digital decluttering toolkit that focuses specifically on tidying up your digital space!

7 & 8. Movement Subscription: Alo Moves $20 monthly or Floss Membership $38 monthly

For building a solid yoga practice, I suggest acquiring a membership with Alo Moves. Customizable to your every desire, the site offers endless yoga, fitness, and movement videos in addition to meditations and sound baths. I’ve been a member for the past year and can vouch for the excellence of the platform.

To embrace a unique and powerful new form of physicality, look into a Floss Membership that offers weekly live classes and a massive library of on-demand flows. The movement style is considered flossing, which intertwines active effort and stretching while directly working with the body’s fascia or connective tissue.

*Whatever your preferred movement style is, embracing your body, especially at this time of the year, is a gift that will resound across all facets of life.*

Cookbooks: Nourishing Ourselves from the Inside Out

9. The Self-Care Cookbook: Easy Healing Plant-Based Recipes by Gemma Ogston. Kindle $5.99/Hardcover $20

Wishing you knew more plant-based recipes designed for cozy feel-good dinners? Gift yourself, The Self-Care Cookbook. Created by Chef Gemma Ogston of Gem’s Wholesome Kitchen, the cookbook is a manifesto for “eating as the ultimate form of self-care.” Consisting of over 60 delicious recipes, each and every one is crafted to nourish you. Body and soul.

10. The Moon Juice Manual by Amanda Chantal Bacon. Kindle $19/Paperback $25

Interested in acquiring the knowledge of adaptogens this holiday season? If so, gift yourself Moon Juice’s recently released manual providing prescriptive recommendations and functional recipes for relieving stress and optimizing health. Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine have used adaptogens for centuries in their healing modalities. Amanda Chantal Bacon harnesses that knowledge in an approachable and effective manner for next-level mind-body heath. You can find all of the adaptogens listed in her online apothecary!

Tangible Gifts: To Ease the Mind and Invigorate the Senses

11. CBD Holiday Gift Sets from Equilibria. Suggested: Rest Gift Set for $83, Reset Gift Set for $60 or try the Essential+ Bundle $111

If you're looking to commit to your long-term health goals, I greatly encourage you to check out women-owned CBD company Equilibria. The fact that they are fully organic and are committed to women-focused health and science only begins to describe why this company is so special. Indulge yourself this holiday season with one of their many curated gift sets and see the difference it makes. I'd be surprised if you don't end up with a membership!

Use my referral code for $20 off! REFNICHOLE.PARETI

12. Gratitude: A Day and Night Reflection Journal. (3 month) by Insight Editions $16.99

Gratitude is one of the hallmarks of the holiday season. Cultivate thankfulness with a journal that allows you space for deep reflections, personal affirmations, and the ability to focus on the positive in your life. Beautifully designed and made from archival paper, this gift can be the perfect addition to a morning and evening routine.

13. ban.dō’s Tune In Wellness Journal. Untangle your thoughts $23

While on the topic of journaling, check out the Tune In Wellness Journal. Created to help you sort through jumbled thoughts by answering five strategic questions, the philosophy is that by doing so, you will gain better insight and clarity to the matter at hand. A portion of the journal’s proceeds goes to supporting girls at Prismatic.

14. Care Packages from MEUS Shop. Ranging from $28-$260, including “Build Your Own”

MEUS (pronounced muse) is a women-owned small business in New Jersey committed to curating unique, design-focused goods that help make everyday life more beautiful. Carrying independent designers and artisans, the shop offers a range of home and lifestyle products, including gorgeous care packages designed for everything from relaxation to ritual and sacred space building. Support your local business and self-care needs simultaneously this season!

15. Zero Waste Kit from Package Free. Suggested: Oral Hygiene Kit $22/Shave Kit $82

If you’ve been worrying over the climate crisis and are looking for ways to minimize your impact, check out Package Free. Their ethos is that access to sustainable products and resources is a basic human right, and their goal is to reshape the consumer product landscape. Gift yourself one of their Zero Waste Kits and adopt habits that make a difference.

16. Lake & Skye Discovery Set. $22

Interested in adorning yourself with fragrance this season while simultaneously supporting a small business that supports the environment? For the gift that keeps giving, shop the perfumes of Lake & Skye. Ethically made, sustainably packaged, and stunning in design. The discovery kit features four samples, all of which sound deliciously captivating. For every order placed, a tree is planted with One Tree Planted and proceeds additionally benefit organizations such as She Should Run, Clean & Healthy New York, and The Nature Conservancy.

17. silk & snow Knit Weighted Blanket. 15lb blanket $189

A few years back, weighted blankets were all the rage, and for a good reason. Fighting off depression and weaning anxiety were just a few of the benefits claimed from the use of a weighted blanket. If you’re only just catching onto the trend or haven’t yet invested in a blanket that potentially alleviates stress, let me introduce silk & snow, a company that prides itself on consciously made, sustainable, and eco-friendly bedding. Their knit weighted blanket is handmade from 100% natural cotton, is GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified, and is even machine washable. The blanket comes in a wide variety of colors, although I find myself most partial to Tempest Blue.

18. The Rejuvenation Set by Peet Rivko. $62 (Gua Sha Sculpting Stone and Balancing Face Oil)

What is self-care without addressing one's skincare routine? If you've already found your unicorn products, skip to the next gift idea; however, if you have sensitive skin and are interested in plant-based skincare, give Peet Rivko a try. I'm a massive fan of their Gentle Cleanser and have been eyeing their Balancing Facial Oil, which is currently being offered as a set alongside a Gua Sha Sculpting Stone (traditional Chinese healing tool). Whatever your holiday skin needs are, I'm confident Peet Rivko has the answer.

19. “I AM Everything” Affirmation Card Deck by I AM & CO. $15

Here at RITUAL OASIS, we love Affirmation Decks, and this new find by I AM & CO is a dream! Consisting of 30 high-quality cards, the deck is the tool to quiet the mental chatter and focus on what makes you feel good, all while reminding you of your amazing qualities. This deck is definitely being added to my self-love shopping list!

20. The Brianna Wiest Collection.

On Shop Catalog $16+

Brianna Wiest is an international bestseller and partner at Thought Catalog. Her writing is profoundly beautiful and touches you deeply, leaving you craving for more. Currently available on Shop Catalog are two books of prose with a third on the way, two books of poetry, an interactive journal, an inspirational tote bag, candle collection, and framed prints. At the very least, follow Brianna on Instagram and benefit from her endless words of wisdom there.

21. Gift Sets by Dame. Suggested: The Beginner’s Luck $192 or The Power Trip $214

Now, let's be frank. How's your self-love life? If you desire an upgrade in the bedroom, I suggest Dame for all of your sexual wellness needs. They have a slew of gift sets available right now, all of which look sensational. Having trouble deciding? They have a quiz to help you identify precisely what you're craving. Founded by sexologist Alexandra Fine and MIT engineer Janet Lieberman, Dame leads a sexual wellness revolution that has impacted millions.

Subscriptions: Committing To Self-Love Practices

22. Mantra Wellness Yearly Subscription. Digital $14/Print $28

Mantra Wellness is a lifestyle magazine that features articles on all things wellness in addition to mindful journaling practices. Found on a rack in Whole Foods years ago, this magazine is what kickstarted my wellness journey, helping me realize the power of positivity and the importance of caring for your health and wellbeing. Producing quarterly issues, I can’t proclaim enough how beneficial this magazine can be.

23. Boxwalla. Bi-Monthly Book Subscription Box $30

Expand your mind and read the most remarkable books from around the world with a subscription to Boxwalla's book shop. For $30 every two months, receive stories ranging from international contemporary classics to histories forgotten novellas. The December box includes a choice from a selection of four books that will pair with a decadent, gently exfoliating pumpkin & honey mask from Naturallogic.

24. Brooklyn Candle Studio. Candle of the Month Club $25

Gift yourself a monthly sensory experience with the dreamy scents of Brooklyn Candle Studio's 100% soy wax candles. Inspired by nature, travel, moments, and memories, the candles are petroleum-free, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, are 100% vegan, and are made with lead-free cotton wicks. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, the company boasts ethical manufacturing practices, ensuring all of their employees earn fair wages and benefits, including paid time off and subsidized healthcare. Their Candle of the Month Club seems darling, including a 7.5 oz seasonal candle alongside a long-form matchbox.

25. Shop Well-Lit’s Ritual Subscription series. $75 Quarterly/$270 Annually

Perhaps you've been looking to nourish your spirituality or find mindfulness through cultivating a ritual practice? If so, Well-Lit is an upcoming wellness company that offers a variety of ethical and sustainable tools to help you elevate your self-care practices. Rooted in ancient wisdom, their mission is to help you find strength and connect to your deepest self through aligning beauty and wellness with healing rituals, spirituality, and metaphysics. Dive into their quarterly or annual subscription box, which is based on the emerging science of ritual and illuminated wellness, includes four or more full-sized products ranging from skincare and supplements to teas and oracle decks. Each box consists of a custom ritual and bonus samples or crystals.

Experiences: Live your life, Love your life

More often than not, the best gifts of all are experiences that we'll never forget. Has there been a restaurant you've been wanting to try? A class you've been wanting to take? How about a vacation you've been putting off?

Move the fluff aside and get serious about what makes you happiest. Dedicate your time and resources to the moments that matter most and the experiences you know deep down you deserve.

Self-love will look different to all of us, even from one moment to the next. That's why it's so important we make the time to listen to our needs and give ourselves the self-care we deserve. Hopefully, one or two of my suggestions struck a chord, but also remember that the most needed holiday gift can be something as simple as a bubble bath or a solitary walk in the forest.

Happy Holidays everyone. Love yourself, always.


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