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Moon Phase Rituals

Depiction of the Moon Phases

“When you start to get in tune with the Moon’s cycles, you start to connect with the cosmos and nature.” -Yasmin Boland

The power of the Moon has long fascinated the civilizations of this earth. Originally used as a way to measure time and the seasons, farmers and philosophers alike would gaze at her aura in both gratitude and wonder. Sadly, this connection has been lost over time, as most modern-day individuals have evolved out of the necessity of tracking the Moon’s phases. Disconnecting from our environment in this manner marks one of the many ways our era is losing touch with the natural world. In certain circles, however, the topic of Moonology is surfacing once more. Conversations around harnessing the Moon’s energies have returned, and interest in manifesting and embracing the natural cycles of our existence has taken hold.

What is Moonology?

Moonology is the study of the Moon in relation to astrology. By following the cycles of the Moon in accordance with planetary placement, we may align with the natural rhythms of our existence while utilizing organic energies to accomplish our wildest dreams.

As a student of astrology and moonology for years, I turn repeatedly to the wisdom of master moonologists Yasmin Boland, Keiko, and Natalie Walstein, whose in-depth insights led me to create the following moon cycle rituals. But first.

The Eight Lunar Phases

Every moon cycle is comprised of eight lunar phases.

The New Moon

The Waxing Crescent Moon

The First Quarter Moon

The Waxing Gibbous Moon

The Full Moon

The Waning Gibbous Moon

The Third Quarter Moon

The Balsamic Moon

Below, I've designed rituals explicitly in accordance with each phase of the Moon. By following the progression of the Moon, we become aligned with nature, in touch with ourselves, and can begin to harness the energies of the universe.


Moon Phase Rituals

Moonless Sky, Twinkling Stars

The New Moon Phase

The New Moon occurs when the Earth and the Moon are in perfect alignment, creating the ideal astrological conditions for wishing, manifesting, and intention setting. Its nature’s cyclical reset, providing us with the opportunity to begin again. While the night sky is at its darkest, we must turn inward to see the light. The day or night leading up to the New Moon calls for introspection, so it’s necessary to prioritize activities around finding clarity.

Finding Clarity Ritual

  1. Spend an hour to yourself. Sit or lay quietly and bring any issue, uncertainty, or question to the forefront of your mind. Ask for guidance and clarity.

  2. Take three deep cleansing breaths; in through the nose and out through the mouth. Meditate for as long as feels right.

  3. Upon returning to the present moment, engage in a journaling practice that allows yourself to free write, exploring whatever answers or feelings came up during the meditation.

  4. An optional add-on to this is to incorporate the use of an Oracle Deck. Asking the cards for guidance is a great way to engage with the universe and harness your intuition.

  5. Upon becoming clear with what you would like to manifest, you are ready to harness the power of the New Moon.

Manifestation Ritual

  1. Begin by creating a safe space to dream. Ideally, find yourself in a place that supports good energy flow, with high ceilings or surrounded by plants. Dim the lights, burn soothing seasonal candles to connect with nature, and play instrumental music that you find uplifting or comforting.

  2. Sit on a yoga block or cushion, close your eyes and root your hips into the earth. Center yourself with deep cleansing breaths. Fill your mind and body with feelings of gratitude. Thank the universe for all that it has proved. Thank yourself for continually showing up, for being compassionate and loving, and for all that you’ve accomplished thus far. Be thankful for your friends, family, or circumstances. Take a few moments to radiate with gratitude.

  3. Open your eyes and write down your wishes and intentions for the weeks ahead. Be as clear as possible. Close your eyes and visualize them. Feel them in your body. Imagine yourself already living the life you desire.

  4. Create an affirmation surrounding your intentions to draw back on throughout the upcoming moon phases. Think on the process of how it would come true. What would this look like? What can you bring into your life to make these things happen?

  5. Meditate for a minimum of ten minutes, releasing your dreams into the hands of the universe. Focus on feelings of trust. Trust the universe, trust yourself and trust the evolution of your path.

Waxing Crescent Moon, Stars, Mountains

The Waxing Crescent Moon Phase

The moon cycles into a new phase about every 3.5 days. As the Moon begins to grow, so too, do your thoughts. The Waxing Crescent Moon Phase is a time for creative contemplation, as your wish or intention is only just starting to grow its roots. To support this energetic process, embrace your creativity and allow your dreams to blossom.

Creativity Ritual

  1. Dedicate an evening to your inner artist and dreamer.

  2. If you are a skilled sketcher, drawer, or painter, feel free to manifest your dreams onto the blank page or canvas. (Notice if you feel called to particular colors and the feelings you get while creating.)

  3. If you find yourself more inclined to artistic design, create a collage, mood, or vision board. (Creating a vision board online is perfectly acceptable; however, manifesting with your hands can be ten times more powerful. Print photos from online, use old magazines, or even go out and buy new ones specifically for this project.)

  4. Get lost in seeing your wish come to life before your eyes, and once finished, hang your dreamwork somewhere you can see and reference daily.

  5. Believe in yourself and the beauty of your dreams. Find courage in knowing you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to and that the universe supports those who are brave enough to chase their dreams.

First Quarter Moon Phase

As the Moon reaches half-fullness, its energy calls for decisive action. This is the moment to commit to your dream. At this point, you will naturally feel a call to action. Fear will also begin to creep in, filling your mind with doubts or anxieties. This is natural and a challenge we all must overcome in order to reach our goals.

First Quarter Moon in Blue Sky with Pink Clouds

Action Ritual

  1. Before bed, take an hour to yourself.

  2. Gaze upon the manifestation art you've created and return to the affirmations you made during the new Moon.

  3. Spend 15 minutes meditating on the action you are feeling called to take. Most likely, you know what needs to be done. (The phone call you need to make, the trip you need to plan, the investment that's been waiting for you.)

  4. Envision yourself doing this thing. Imagine the way it feels as you are doing it.

  5. If and when fear appears, remember that it is merely a figment of the ego's imagination, trying to protect you, although only keeping you small. Thank fear for being there for you, but acknowledge that you do not need it anymore and are ready to move forward.

  6. At the end of your meditation, journal your commitments.

  7. The very next morning, take action.

Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase

With the Moon nearing its full state, momentum is building, and it's time to step back, evaluate, and adjust. Now is the ideal time to look at what's working in your life and what isn't. In order to gain perspective, it's necessary to detach ourselves and become receptive.

Waxing Gibbous Moon, Pink Clouds, Snow-Capped Mountains

Receptivity in Nature Ritual

  1. At this stage in the moon manifestation process, it is imperative to focus on connecting to the universe. The best way to do this is to embrace nature.

  2. Begin by taking stock in all that has happened since your New Moon Ritual.

  3. Write down the aspects of life that seem to flow with ease and the areas where you continually seem to be hitting walls. Close your eyes, stay open to guidance, and ask your inner knowing and the universe for advice.

  4. Take a walk in your local park or forest, or lie on a blanket looking at the passing sky. By embracing the rhythms of nature, we can gain access to ourselves differently, achieving better perspectives on the issues at hand. As answers arrive, address them, and adjust your life to flow in alignment with your desires.

Full Moon Phase

Two weeks have passed, and the Moon has reached her pearly white crescendo. The Full Moon is emitting her most substantial frequencies, and it is now that you may begin to see results from your manifestations. The energy surrounding the Full Moon can be mysterious, chaotic, or intense. This is a time for celebration, breakthrough, and release.

Colorful Sky and Full Moon over Mountains

Celebration Ritual

  1. Depending on the nature of your manifestation, it may have happened or is well on its way to happening. Align with this powerful energy and release through celebration.

  2. Prepare your space with music and candlelight, ideally somewhere you can exist in the brilliance of the Moon's glow.

  3. Place your left hand over your heart and your right over your stomach. Hold yourself and breathe deeply into your hands. On the inhale, focus on all of the work you've done over the past two weeks, and on the exhale, release the stress, worry, or anxieties it may have caused. Repeat this until you become calm and centered.

  4. Upon opening your eyes, write down what you are ready to release. Do this with meaning and intent. Then utilizing the power of flame, safely use a lighter or candle to burn the paper over an empty metal bowl or bin. (Keep water nearby and practice in a safe manner, please!).

  5. Allow yourself to fill with gratitude. For the universe. For the ability to manifest. And for your commitment to growth and happiness.

  6. Now it's time to dance! Blast your music (ideally something with great bass), shake your body and let it all out. Howl at the Moon and get wild.

Waning Gibbous Moon with Hot Pink Cloud

Waning Gibbous Moon Phase

As the fullness of the Moon begins to wane, we are invited to start slowing down. To reconnect with ourselves. To accept all that has happened. And to share our learnings with others. As our wishes have begun to manifest, this is the ideal time to revel in the culmination of our efforts.

Acceptance Sound Bath Ritual

  1. Keeping with the positive energy still emanating from the Moon, stay open to receiving, even if your wish has yet to actualize. And if it has, continue to reap the benefits from the Moon's glow. An incredible way to release control and calm busy minds is to practice mindfulness—particularly through sound. Carve out an hour of your evening, light incense, and participate in a sound bath.

  2. Turn off all the lights, lay your fluffiest blankets on the floor, drape one over yourself for warmth, and lay back into the moonlight, letting the healing sounds wash over you.

  3. Relax your body and notice what you are feeling. Accept your truth and find peace, whether it's celebrating your achievements or maintaining hope in the successes yet to come.

Third Quarter Moon Phase

Occurring about one week after the Full Moon, the desire for cleansing occurs. In order to integrate change into our lives permanently, there must be room for it. This calls for organization, decluttering, and abandoning what no longer serves us.

Pink Cloud over Third Quarter Moon

Cleansing Ritual

  1. It's necessary to create space for our wishes, intentions, and dreams. So, we begin by clearing our physical space.

  2. Go through your possessions, get rid of excess belongings, donate unused clothes or goods, clean your home, and notice how good it feels to minimize.

  3. Next, eliminate digital clutter. Trash all the free downloads, get your inbox to zero, organize your documents, and complete a social media cleanse, unfollowing any accounts that do not bring you joy.

  4. Now, simplify your lifestyle. Be honest with yourself and your schedule. Are you overextending yourself? Always saying yes to invites? Continually putting others first? Address these habits and discontinue giving them power over your progression.

  5. Finally, cleanse your mind by returning to meditation. Spending just 5 minutes a day meditating will create space for clarity in your thoughts.

Balsamic Moon Phase

The moon has returned to a sliver, and the moon cycle is coming to a close. At this point, the priority is on healing, letting go, and dreaming.

Balsamic Moon against blue skies over darkening lake.

Healing Bath Ritual

  1. Restoration and healing are vital to honoring the end of a cycle while simultaneously preparing for a new one.

  2. Prepare yourself a warm bath. Play soothing music, light aromatic candles, and utilize healing bath salts with restorative purposes. Keep a cool beverage nearby, place a small towel over your eyes, and let yourself drift between resting and dreaming.

  3. As you allow your body ease and comfort, allow your mind the freedom to imagine the most wonderful things. Your deepest desires. Your wildest dreams.

  4. After 20 minutes or so, wrap yourself in your coziest towel, drape yourself in your best kimono and continue to pamper yourself with lotions, creams, and self-love. Cherish the knowledge that you are endlessly capable of manifesting the life you deserve.

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Full Moon sits over pink snow-capped mountains.

"So we go and the moon rises,

so beautiful it makes me shudder,

makes me think about time and space,

makes me take measure of myself:

one iota pondering heaven.

Thus we sit, myself thinking how grateful

I am for the moon’s perfect beauty and also,

oh! how rich it is to love the world."

- Mary Oliver, Excerpt from “The Sweetness of Dogs”


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