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Welcome to the Oasis,

Welcome to Ritual Oasis! A Wellness Journal and sanctuary to honor the rituals of life, the wonders of nature and the beauty that is ourselves. Creating a space such as this has been a dream of mine for many years and I am excited to see how it blossoms.

The idea for this blog is to serve as an oasis; a breath of fresh air, a place to rest among the endless deserts of the virtual world. The internet is so overloaded with content, especially for the coveted “wellness” trend. My hope is that through my much loved research and careful sharing, you will be able to glide about your day informed and confident, all while living peacefully in the moment.

I have spent my life as a wonderer, a dreamer, a dancer, and an explorer. As a child I spent hours pouring over books and getting lost in other worlds, then as an adult I devoted my time to learning about and traveling this world; all in the pursuit of finding my illusive “best self” and what is means to really be at peace.

My aim is to create weekly blog posts, wellness newsletters, seasonal self-care workbooks, and a lovely mid week email to uplift you, inspire you, and remind you that you are enough and crushing it.

So, I welcome you into the Oasis with me, and I invite you to prioritize the act of ritual as self-care; embracing the moment, peacefully, one deep breath at a time.

It’s time to Rest, Renew, and Reemerge.

Always with Love,


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