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Rituals are created by bringing complete mindfulness to an act, by giving meaning, intent and gratitude to one's actions. 

An Oasis can be defined as a refuge, a place of greenery and life among the deserts or an area of peace in the midst of hectic times.

Dreamt up by Nichole Pareti,

RITUAL OASIS is a wellness and lifestyle brand that honors the creation of rituals while serving as an oasis for all things mindfulness, self-love, and sustainability.

Download Your Free Lifestyle Rituals Guide!

Desiring a more meaningful life? Look to the Lifestyle Rituals guide for inspired teachings on how to create a more fulfilling, intentional and sacred life.

"Rituals connect us with the surrounding world and unite us with the spirit within. They bring calmness to our busy lives and comfort to our disconnected hearts." 

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Make Rituals Your Oasis

Practice With Me

Book Private Restorative Yoga Sessions

Offering 60 minute + 90 minute sessions. 

Sessions Include: 

-Gentle + mindful movements catered to your specific needs

-Yin postures


-Aromatherapy + elements of sound


-Your home or out in nature (Seasonal)

(Restorative props are provided)


$75 for 60 minutes

$100 for 90 minutes

Meditate With Me

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